boot loader installation help - SUSE 10.1

Hi all, I’m a newbie and need some help.

I recently decided to make the move to Linux, specifically SUSE Linux. Wanting to avoid problems, I decided the best way to make the switch would be by buying a book that would help me install and get up and running.

Reviewing a few books, I decided to purchase: “Beginning SUSE Linux, Second Edition” by Keir Thomas. Along with the book came a DVD containing openSUSE 10.1

To give you a little background on my system… I have two (pretty sure they are IDE) hard drives. The first hard drive has Windows 2000 and my aim was to put Linux on the second allowing me to dual boot.

Following the step-by-step installation instructions, everything seemed to be going well. However, towards the end of the install (before reaching the screen asking to set-up a root password) I got some sort of boot loader error.

I did a reboot with the SUSE 10.1 DVD in the drive, and in the installation screen picked “other” with the aim of repairing the install.

After the system check I receive the following error message:

"boot loader error detected
the following configuration files cannot be found:

installing a new boot loader is recommended
if you are sure your system boots correctly, it is not necessary to reinstall the boot loader otherwise, press repair to install a new boot loader"

No files were listed. I know that the boot loader was not working correctly because with the DVD removed it was only booting Windows 2000. So, I clicked repair as it suggested.

Then I got the following messages:

“check boot loader configuration
installing new boot loader… FAILED
new boot loader installation was not successful
searching configuration files… ERROR
the following configuration files were not found:”

No files are listed and then the initial error window reappears saying the same thing as before about the boot loader error detected etc…

I have searched the forums but as a newbie am still having trouble figuring out what I need to do to get my installation working (and not accidentally crashing windows as well). I never even made it to assigning a root password in my installation…

You step-by-step help would be greatly appreciated. I would very much like to get my SUSE 10.1 installation up and running. Thanks in advance.

The repair function in 10.1 is broken. best thing to do is, boot from dvd,select boot installed ( i think that’s what it says ) then go to YaST - system - bootloader & reinstall the bootloader from there.Or better still, get a more recent version of openSUSE, 10.1 is no longer supported & you won’t get security updates for it


If I “boot installed on hard drive” from the DVD, it sends me to my Windows 2000 installation… in addition, I have yet to reach the point in the installation where I would set up a root password and users. How will I login?

My aim of using the DVD from the book (10.1) is that the book provides step-by-step directions on setting SUSE to work with my hardware…

If I go with the latest version, what is the best way to get it? is there a step-by-step guide somewhere on how to get all hardware working (wireless network, printer, usb devices, sound card, etc…)??

How would I get rid of my current linux installation?


If that’s the situation, you would be better restarting the install process. As for an up to date version, have a read NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums


I will try to restart the install process but I think the same will happen once it reaches that point in the install.

I’ll also read up on SUSE 11.0

Will it be difficult to uninstall my non-functioning 10.1

Thanks for the link Andy. I took your advise and successfully installed 11.0. Bravo! :slight_smile:

I tried installation with OpenSuse Enterprise Linux server 9.
Every time i repair the system ,the swap partition get deactivated and bootloader gets corrupted with reiser filesystem.

Mons of the organizations use the REiserfs filesystem due to its benefits on performance and disk space, but there is this problem that i have identified that the filesystem gets corrupted easily and we have to repair it.

By the way coming to the point:
1.You can select to repair the system and select “Expert tools” and clicking on Install/Repair bootloader…This is one option
2.You can select repair the system by selecting automatic repair to activate swap partition and other files like repairing the bootloader
After automatic repair in couple of minutes the system will ask for bootloader error detected and you will enter into bootloader menu,just click on New Configuration and “Propose a New Configuration” that resets the config and click finish. now u r good to go the bootloader will be successfully installed.

If nothing works just backup your data and format the system…

There’s no such thing as “OpenSuse Enterprise Linux”. Opensuse came into existence more recently than SuSE version 9.

You are probably in the wrong place, and should be asking in the suse forums rather than the opensuse forums.

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