Boot Issues With Tumbleweed And Kernel 4.9.0-1.1 Update

Just wondering if anyone else is having any issues with the Kernel 4.9.0-1.1 update which came through this morning. I updated it on my Tumbleweed installation on the desktop machine…no problem except for losing the proprietary Nvidia driver. Can’t build it. Then, I updated the same on my laptop…Toshiba Satellite C50-A which uses Intel graphics chip and no proprietary video driver. When rebooting that system, I get the screen following the GRUB loading…with the new kernel…and the laptop goes right back to rebooting again. Just cycles. i then can choose to boot with the 4.8 kernel and all is good again. Also tried the 4.9.0-2.1 kernel, after removing the 4.9.0-1.1 kernel update and have the same situation. Removed both and went back to the 4.8 kernel and all is good again. Not sure what’s going on with it or if anyone else has experienced issues…or if it’s just me.

No problems here (I do not have nvidia graphics).

However, I do notice that I got the 4.9.0-2 kernel, which apparently came from the update repo. I guess there must have been a problem that caused pushing 4.9.0-2 to the update repo.

I was wondering about that 4.9.0-2 update being pushed out so quickly, as well. That had me thinking their might have been an issue, as well. I don’t have Nvidia graphics on my laptop, which is the computer experiencing the issue. It has an Intel graphics chip. My main desktop system has an Nvidia graphics card…and I can’t install the Nvidia proprietary driver with 4.9…won’t build…so I’m guessing it will be awhile before that’s resolved.

If you’re not using the latest nvidia driver (375.26), you need a patch for kernel 4.9x. I forget where I got it (I’m now on latest and no longer need it) but I remember googling “kernel 4.9 and nvidia” and the link was one of the first if you’re interested in trying again.

Thanks for the info. I’m not using any Nvidia driver on the laptop system, as it’s an Intel graphics chip…not Nvidia. My desktop system uses an older Nvidia Series 200 graphics card, so uses a different driver…the 340-100 driver and not the newer 375 one. Right now, I just uninstalled the Nvidia driver on the desktop system and am back using the Nouveau since the Nvidia driver would not install. Probably need some patch for it, as well right now. I’m okay with that…but with the laptop, I can’t install the 4.9 kernel, or it just goes into a reboot cycle at the GRUB loading. If I choose to load with the earlier 4.8 kernel, all is fine again.

what about the recovery mode boot option for the 4.9 kernel – does it reboot too?

Also, try the normal 4.9, and after it reboots, at grub select your 4.8 kernel, then (after you’ve booted up with that) grab the log for the prior boot:

sudo journalctl -b -1

what does that have to say?

The problem with the kernel update 4.9.0-2.1 seems to be that it got pushed out incomplete.

Nvidia drivers will only build for the 4.9.0-1.1 kernel package collection.
For 4.9.0-2.1 they will issue a “version.h missing” error.

With 4.9.0-2.1 there were the pkgs kernel-default-4.9.0-2.1 and kernel-default-devel-4.9.0-2.1 released.

kernel-default-devel-4.9.0-2.1 however will not install since it is missing the dependency kernel-devel-4.9.0-2.1 which is nowhere to be found.

Now if you rely on Nvidia drivers and did an update, you are left with an unusable system. Only chance to recover is to boot to kernel-4.9.0-1.1 and recompile the latest nvidia drivers there.

Now the question is how can this even get pushed out to users in this incomplete state?

I would like to use a reliable distribution but am forced to use tumbleweed because of leaps cancelled 32bit support.

Thanks for this info. It will be a big help with my desktop system since I use Nvidia there. Still dealing with the laptop which uses Intel graphics and were I’m having the reboot issue.

Yes, the same happens in recovery mode. I can’t seem to get the log on here, as it’s too large when I try to reply. I was trying to use code tags, but still don’t seem to be able to do so.

the latest stable for linux is nvidia 375.26

Find it here:

That might solve your 4.9 problems.

Won’t compile on Tumbleweed’s 4.9.0-2.1 kernel until Tumbleweed packagers notice and fix their packaging dependency problem.

I wonder why the release system itself can’t detect such a missing dependency in the kernel packages and publishes critical kernel packages in an incomplete state…

Thanks, but my old Series 200 Nvidia card won’t use that series Nvidia driver. The latest driver for mine is 340.101, per the Nvidia website, which I’m using.

I have kernel 4.9.0-2 and the nvidia driver installs just fine (375.26). Previous versions just needed the patch.

Are your compiling them yourself?

375.26 refuses to even start compiling with standard options since kernel-devel pkg is not provided correctly for 4.9.0-2.

What worked for me is compiling 375.26 using the headers from by running:

./ --kernel-source-path=/lib/modules/4.9.0-1-default/source --kernel-output-path=/lib/modules/4.9.0-1-default/build

I wonder if this is the intended way by opensuse with a minor kernel update? I wonder when and if they will fix their missing pkg dependencies?

Additional 4.9.0-2.1 kernel package have been released right now, possibly fixing up all the problems…

Well, I just tried to install the Nvidia 340.101 driver with kernel 4.0.9-2 and the driver won’t build. nvidia.ko error when trying to build, so while it’s apparently good with the other Nvidia driver…not working with the latest one for older Nvidia graphics cards. Back to Nouveau again.

I did first a “zypper dist-upgrade”, then i did a “zypper update”, but it reject the new Kernel 4.9.0-2 and claim the checksum is wrong.
It can still be installed, but is not recommended. I tried tp download it several times, but get the same error. I discard the kernel-installation and will wait to see if this issue is fixed.

I don’t know if this have anything related with your problem, but its seems like something is wrong with the latest kernel.


Thanks for that info. Possibly could be it. I’m having all sorts of problems with the new 4.9 kernel. This issue with my desktop system and Nvidia. And my laptop, which does not have Nvidia, but an Intel graphics chip just goes into a reboot cycle at GRUB, with any of the 4.9 kernels. Works just fine with the 4.8.

Patch it:

Thanks much for the patch info!