Boot issue:Unable to boot, stuck at splash screen on OpenSuse Leap 42.2

I have dual boot Opensuse Leap 42.2 and Windows 7 on my laptop.
Opensuse runs with KDE desktop environment.

It ran smoothly without any issues until last week, since when OpenSuse doesn’t boot up (windows boots up just fine).

OpenSuse just hangs at the first splash screen that appears before the login page, the green splash screen with dots, before the screen for entering login password.

Kindly help me troubleshoot the issue here. What should I check?

Edit: Pressing a key, say space, shows command line view of the boot up. But I don’t exactly understand anything of it.

Please help.

I am using leaps 42.3 and cannot boot after upgrade.

Hello everyone.
I had the same problem: in my case the problem was caused by updating the libsoftokn3 library to 3.33-2.1.x86_64 version. This library is available in the “Mozilla” repository. The problem is resolved by downgrading the library to 3.28.6-40.10.1 version, available in the “Update” repository.

Hi there,

Are you able to start bootloader from a ready-only snapshot?

If so, please check the /var/log/boot.log and paste here the content for further analysis.

Thank you.

How to downgrade the library without being able to boot up the system?

I’m sorry I’m not very conversed with Linux OS and console.

Can you please tell me how to check if I’m able to start bootloader from a ready-only snapshot? What is a ready-only snapshot?

Further I’m not able to start this system in the first place. So I don’t know how to copy anything that’s there on the screen or log and share it here.

One more thing… when boot gets stuck at opensuse green splash screen and we press any key, the black screen is loaded with processed going on in booting. There at the end of the mumbo-jumbo, it asks me admin password and logs me in to emergency mode. If this helps, if running a few scripts helps me to recover the system, then pls tell.

You should be able to open a console with CNTRL-ALT-F1. Login and then do:
sudo zypper in --oldpackage libsoftokn3-3.28.6-40.10.1.x86_64 (if your system is 64-bit).


Nothing happens when I press CTRL+ALT+F1.

I hope you do realise that I’m stuck at the splash screen that appears when OS is booting up. The one before the login screen.

Well boot into a terminal

At boot press e find line starting linux or linuxefi go to end of that line (note it is long and wraps) add a space and a 3 press F10 to continue boot. Log into the resultant terminal as root and do the

zypper in --oldpackage libsoftokn3-3.28.6-40.10.1.x86_64 (if your system is 64-bit).

type boot to restart

Well, added the “3” at the end of Linux line after pressing “e” at Grub boot list screen while OpenSuse highlighted.

As it did earlier, it got stuck at the Green Splash screen while booting. On pressing any key at that screen, we can reach the command list going on behind. In that the last line says that “You are in emergency mode.” And below that “enter root password” is flashed.

Upon entering root password and the code that you mentioned, the results are:

Target initialisation failed:
Failed to cache rpm database.

Note that it always boots into emergency mode. Adding 3 at the end did nothing.

As far as I can tell, the only reason for emergency mode is failure to mount some filesystem. So remove “quiet” on kernel command line, when you get emergency prompt, login and provide output of “journalctl -b”. This should show what failed.

“systemctl --failed” may give quick overview which mount points failed.

The system hangs on the splash screen because it cannot load the desktop environment, but it is already at runlevel 5; so it’s weird that you can not enter the console mode… Wait a while on the splash screen before typing CNTRL-ALT-F1 (or F2, F3 …).

Did you try to read previous messages? Do you know what “emergency mode” is?

I’m not sure what a snapshot boot or emergency mode is. New to linux lingo.

I just wanted to get my things done. Figures linux is not for it. Because since last six months, I’ve been doing some or other form of troubleshooting. And now all my data is lost as I’ll never be able to login to the **** system!

Regarding entering console, have waited for almost an hour, but nothing happens on any kind of shortcut.

Regarding providing output of journal, well the PC is not starting. So I cannot write those 1000+ lines here for getting help with the problem.

Anyway, I’m deleting the linux OS from my PC. Switching back to Windows. I’m done with OpenSource that doesn’t work at all.

I’m done with OpenSource that doesn’t work at all.

No problem, windows are waiting for you
I use only Opensuse for 12 years.:wink:
The obstacles are made to be overcome

It’s not a relationship where I’ve to be loyal.

This is a tool that should help me get things done easily, and if it doesn’t, just increases work instead of otherwise, then it goes into garbage.

Just a point I’ve been using openSUSE since it became openSUSE and it has been for the most part rock solid. Any Linux can have problems with some hardware. I always build my own and chose parts known to be OK in Linux. 42.2 has been absolutely solid for me :good::good::good:

Sorry to read of your problems. I do believe your pessimism is a bit premature.

In January 2015 my 88-year old mother (at the time) was unable to boot to her PC that was running openSUSE GNU/Linux. It refused to boot, not even to run level-3. My mother lives over 7,000 km away. Yet 7,000km away, I was able to repair this computer, that could not boot, again … from 7,000 km away. I documented how i did it here:

She lost NO data. None. Not one bit.

Now your problem is likely different, but where there is patience and where there is a will, there is often is a way.

But …

This is unfortunate that you are throwing away your good data in an approach of yours that I believe premature - likely driven by totally understandable frustration.

And truly, it is too bad about your data being wiped by this decision of yours - but IMHO this decision may in the end be the best approach for you.

Sometimes patience is needed in GNU/Linux and I sense your experience level and familiarity with MS-Windows makes that a far superior operating system for you. That is not a negative thing. Rather it is good you have something that will work better for you. All my family uses MS-Windows as do most the people I know. Go with what works for you.

Good luck and all the best to you.

That is not a reply you would have appreciated when starting as a new linux user. …

Respond to this

Anyway, I’m deleting the linux OS from my PC. Switching back to Windows. I’m done with OpenSource that doesn’t work at all.

I simply made the wishes for switching to Windows, so its linux filesystem files will hardly recover them.
He wrote it, not me who is reinstalling Windows.
I see posts similar in other forums where I am registered, but first if there is no availability of the user, nothing can be done to help them, do the doctor online … there must be collaboration