Boot Images

Hi there, few ? from a linux newbie here.

Since updating Kernel i can no longer get the boot screen splash screen working, it shows the os selection in text form.
How can i get the gfx screen back.

Also after iv selected the os to boot again its in text form.
It says splash=silent in the path but still only comes as text.

Thirdly, i have this os on a 153gb drive and a clone of this on an identical hd. When i have them both connected up at same time i get a ‘waiting for device error’. As soon as i take either of them out i can boot fine again.
Second drive has os on there for testing settings at the moment just incase i bork something up.But the error still happens even when the drive is empty.
How can i fix this.


Kernel updates can break the video drivers
to get a basic video driver so you work from a yast gui rather than comman line (and as I don’t know what video card you have)
try this:
If graphics driver gets messed up, type 3 in the boot line to get runlevel 3 - login as root

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

this should enable a display using vesa