boot hangs with acpi enabled

I have an old laptop (asus M6 ca. 6 year old) with dual boot linux windows. Untill Saturday linux=suse 11.0, Saturday I have made an upgrade to opensuse11.4.
I have boot up/down many times almot everything was working properly except the battery status … I have thought … “I’ll think about it later”.

Then out of the blue on sunday my laptop does not boot anymore, the boot hangs. I then have realized taht the failsafe boot was working properly… ok I have remembered the wrong battery signal and tried the normal boot + acpi=off … and … it boots!

OK, the acpi is the problem.

  1. I have never made an update of my BIOS (this means it is now old), but I do not really want to update it now.
  2. with suse 11.0 the acpi was working properly, I have never have touched the acpi boot option and I had all acpi functionality working (battery, suspend … etc)

Any suggestion how to let acpi work (at least for the main features … batetry, fan speed, HT … etc)?

It can be that the old kernel boot was using some “specific flags”, (an installation is cleverer than an upgrade …!!!) but unfortunatelly it looks to me that nothing has remained from the old installation … so I do not know …

You said Upgrade from 11.0 > 11.4
How exactly

What kernel are you running?

uname -a

the laptop is now at home … anyway is the latest up-to-date: all patches till yesterday evening installed, I guess (I have here a vitual host where I did the same update path … and this is the status)