boot hangs on modprobe

Hi there,

i guess some other issues leads to my new post. I have a Thinkpad T410i from Lenovo. I installed openSUSE 12.1. As i posted earlier i had problems with booting, which hangs for several seconds (30sek ca.) this could be solved by installing sysVinit.
No sometimes while booting it comes to

timeout: killing ‘/sbin/modprobe -bv acpi:SMO1200:PMP0C31:’ [617]

i shut it down via powerkey on that issue. The message was shown some 20 times when i switched off.

Any idea?

Did you ever figure this out? I have a Lenovo w520 running OS12.1 64b with the same issue. Sorry I don’t have a solution yet.

Well, I just ran “zypper update” and had a TON of updates. After the update the problem went away. Now to figure out why updates are not occurring automatically like they did in OS11.4?

Still have the problem after updates. Went away for a while. Still looking for a solution