Boot hangs at "Starting Service Jexec"

I’m bitter.

I have been using SuSE Linux since 4.2 and never had any unexplainable problems.

This morning EST I had a nice X64 11.0 installation running with all the goodies.

I downloaded 11.1 and performed an update.
The update went well and GRUB installed correctly.:(:frowning:

Just one problem. When the system boots it hangs at “Starting Service Jexec” (or something like that).
It even hangs with the failsafe option at runlevel 1.

Is there a way to get to a ps1 during this hang?
The file systems are mounted Kernel loaded init modules ect.

Its really too bad, I haven’t posted from Windoes since 1998.

I would appriciate any help.


I don’t have an answer for you but I’m seeing that jexec error on other threads, so search on that you may find an answer.

Martinab, I had the same problem. Just disable the service jexec in YaST:Services(Runlevel) and reboot. I hope this fixes your problem! :slight_smile:

Me since v9.0.

Had same problem. Use the standard DVD but choose Rescue option from main menu. My command line skills aren’t too good, I couldn’t see anything jexec in /etc/init.d so in my case I did a full Install to recover.

It was the Vbox modules.

Booted into rescue system.
mounted /
moved /etc/init.d/jexec somewhere else.
moved all of the S01jexec in all of the rc#.d directories somewhere else.

Should have searched the forums for this issue.:shame:

11.1 Hangs on first boot - openSUSE Forums


Had same problem on 11.1 64 bit.
Booted into failsafe, disabled jexec from the YaST runlevel tool
Upon investigation, the jexec script in the init.d folder referenced the location /usr/java/default/lib/jexec
/usr/java/default was symlinked to
/usr/java/latest which was symlinked to
I had manually (and probably incorrectly) upgraded myself to jre_1.6.0_12, which was now located at /usr/lib64/jvm/jre-1.6.0_12
(it was necessary for ESX vdi client for some reason.)
Anyway, while I’d successfully set it to be the default JVM and setup the FireFox plugins and whatnot, I didn’t know about this jexec thing.

I removed the /usr/java/latest symlink to /usr/java/jre_1.6.0_11 and replaced it with one pointing to /usr/lib64/jvm/jre_1.6.0_12

This fixed the problem on my computer.

Hope this helps!

Take a look at “update-alternatives”. AFAIK this is still used to set the system-wide java links and jre priority.

this really helped me a lot!!! thanx!!!