Boot from USB connected External Hard take long time from loading INITRD image to start boot process

Dear All,
I have installed “open-SUSE 11.4” on a “500GB Free Agent External Hard Drive”.

I didn’t have any problem in booting since last week that I booted it from my laptop. Also I did it before several times from then when I try to boot it e.g. from an “Intel(R) Core™2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz” PC the time between loading INITRD and starting boot sequence messages lasts nearly 30 minutes!(i didn’t actually measure it but it take a long time in the same order). after starting boot sequence which is showed on monitor everything looks normal. e.g copy of files would be done by speeds between 2MB/s to 30 MB/s depending on the targets.

I used to use the external hard derive to boot from different laptops and PC’s from start but I didn’t have such a problem anytime.

I would appreciate any suggestions clearing what the cause is and how I can resolve it.

thank you

Dear All,
Nobody have any idea about the above issue.