boot from HDD

newbie here. trying to gain more knowledge on linux. not completely clueless about stuff. CCNA certified. anyways.

i got this old busted laptop, a toshiba 1800-S203. for some reason i always got a blank screen when choosing the installation option after booting from cd-rom (opensuse10.3 and 11). tried different options, no acpi, safe settings, edd=disable, text mode. always blank screen. the cds wont pass a medium check from this laptop but will pass on any other machine. long story short. i took out the whopping 14GB hdd and installed it in another laptop and installed openSUSE11 from there successfully. then placed the drive back into the original laptop. when i boot up this laptop i get a blank screen, so i use a boot cd with boot managing tools and boot to the linux partition and come to the openSUSE startup screen. good so far. when i choose to startup i can never get past “waiting for device /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_TOSHIBA…”
then i am thrown to “exiting to /bin/sh” prompt.

how can i get this hdd to boot on this laptop?

You have to edit those device paths in /boot/grub/menu.lst and /etc/fstab. You could fix it quickly by changing those to /dev/sd?? (you have to work out the disk and partition letters) and then work out what the device path is later by looking in /dev/disk/by-id/ after it has come up.

what commands whould i use from /bin/sh prompt?

Depends on what text editor you know and what’s available. Hopefully something like nano is available on the rescue CD.

very new to all of this, exactly what do you mean by text editor? like notepad or something else?

also can i use the installation cd to rescue the system?

Yes, if you can boot the installation system and access the repair system (hopefully it works again in 11.0) that would be best. I thought you couldn’t boot off the CD on the target system?

yeah i cant boot off of it for some reason. everytime it loads the linux kernal i get an error decompressing linux err 1 or 2. thing it is the cd/dvd drive. so i need to do this manually.