Boot from HD issue

just installed SuSe 11.1 and there is a strange thing occurring. It will not boot from the local HD unless the DVD is in the drive; even on a reboot. It will indicate there are no bootable devices, i put the DVD in, and i get the menu, select boot from hard disc, then my version and its good to go. I have checked my BIOS and my drives are correct as well as looked at the Yast and they are all correct. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

What type of HD or is there more than One HD?
If they are the older PATA IDE type - are the jumper settings correct?

They are both newer SATA drives. There are 2 total internal. One was an NTFS drive that I now have r-rw access on when in suse, the other I let suse completely format and re-partition. Its seems like it wants to boot from the NTFS data drive when the DVD isnt in the drive. I cant gather what the connection is between the optical drive and which HD is allocated for boot…

You may need to play with the sata socket they are in too. I had this recently on one machine I did for someone. Put the drive with grub in the 1st sata socket and re-check boot order in bios.

The dvd will boot the installed system, it’s not an issue really.

It does sound like you may not have installed the boot loader into the first sector of the drive. Try booting the DVD into repair mode and installing grub.