Boot freeze showing suse logo with opensuse 12.2


My opensuse work fine 3 month, but from the last week I have problems, but rebooting work…

Today I can’t access to my desktop.

The system start and show the dance dot near to kamaleon. When the dance finished have a little black screen and return whith cursor whit spiral (wait state).

If I go to log screen I sew at last lines…:

gdm[724]: No symbol table info available.
gdm[724]: A debugging session is active.
gdm[724]: #011 Inferior 1 [process 717] will be detached.
gdm[724]: ) [answered Y; input not from terminal]
gdm[724]: ************* END ******************
gdm-simple-slave[626]: WARNING: Freeing conversation ‘gdm-welcome’ with active job

Switching to tty1 I can login with out problem.

Please… Helpme!!!

I need recover my desktop :slight_smile:

My notebook have 3 GB RAM, installed at 64 bits, kernel 3.4.11-2.16-desktop

Hi Again!

If I go to tty1, login with root and switch to init 3, wait 30 secs and switch again to init 5, the tty7 start fine, and i can use the desktop :slight_smile:

But, try rebooting and the error continue whitout changes…

Did this start after updating or installing software?
What is the video card, did you install any drivers?


Theese freeze start after to some update, becouse work fine about 2 or 3 months.

I not installed any drives ti video, and repeat, when I go to tty1 switch to init 3 and after switch to init 5, the tty7 start without problems…

With detail app at graphics say:

  • Controller: Intel Sandybridge Mobile, Decoration Standard, force alternativ mode: off

With Somlt app:

  • Bus PCI, Contoller i915, type, video, description: 2nd Generation Core Processor Familiy Integrated Graphics Controller

The kernel is 64 bits, 3.4.11-2.16-desktop


Hi Again!

Now my notebook continue with this problem… but not occur all time.

Sometime boot ok, only a few more slowsly that in the past, appear the pointer (arrow) with black screen 5 or 10 seconds, and appear my desktop…

But other times, freeze with black screen and wait pointer (circle) and I need go to tty1, and put:
sudo /sbin/init 3
sudo /sbin/init 5

Any know about this problem?


I have a similar problem and I have created for investigation.
Could you please share your gdm logs there?

P.S. Currently I use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace+Backspace as workaround