Boot failure in any mode

Hello, I just installed TW a few days ago and after an update it couldn’t boot anyway.

The OS is installed on a nvme 512GB drive,in UEFI mode along with win10 on another drive. File system is /efi, /boot, encrypted lvm partitions with /root/, /home. Root partition uses btrfs with snapshots enabled, and /home uses ext4.

Now when I boot there are two errors showing before flashing a lot of messages that I can’t catch. The two errors are:
sp5100-tcp: I/O address 0x8ce4 already in use
nvme 0000:01:0:00.0: AMD-VI: Event logged [IO_Page_Fault domain=…address]

The OS has nvidia driver installed and could boot fine before and I have tried adding nomodeset in grub. Still the boot will get stuck whatever kernel I try to boot with.