boot fails on lvm sata Gateway machine. /wo lvm boot works. Boot fails b4 load point.

Same failure on Suse 11.3,11.4, and 12.1:
Boot cd and Suse installs with no errors.
install is done with LVM implementation, usually resized swap and home [larger].
When install is complete reboot to real OS fails at the Gateway main screen, screen locks, machine must be power cycled to use anything on the machine. If F2 hardware screen is requested, hard drive shows
Sata drive has to be mounted as a usb [per repair hardware] hard drive, and all partitions erased before machine will boot again [which is a nice way to say the sata drive involved is seriously injured in the install process.]. After the hard drive is cleaned, and the machine is rebooted, the machine was installed without LVM, and there were no problems with the install or reboot.