Boot Error

I am trying to install from the iso image that a burned to cd, but while loading it comes up with an error. Eventually it says no repository found. I am not sure why this is happening.

Did you run the media check on the first install menu?

It is saying there is a check sum error. stm1 i think?

Ok that means the disk is bad. Try another. Burn at the lowest possible speed. Use quality disks. Check the downloaded iso for the md5 checksum. Instructions are on the download page.

hmm this was no the problem. I get to 90% of installation then I get a repository error. Says something about the cd drive and I guess can create the directory. I am tryin to redownload the os maybe there was some problem there.

The md5 checksum will tell you if you have a good download then the media caeck will tell you you had a good burn.