Boot Error 15, can`t mount harddrive, and can`t run fsck

Hi all,

I was running 11.0 and it stalled in the middle of a number of updates. On reboot I now get (if I remember correctly) Error 15: File not found.

I managed to get my hands on a 11.0 live cd and started trying to fix grub. However, when I try mounting the harddrive using “mount /dev/sda1” I got

can`t find sda1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab

“mount /dev/sda1 /mnt” gives

modprobe: Warning: error inserting mbcache
FATAL: error inserting ext3
mount: unknown filesystem type ext3

trying fsck gives

fsck.ext3: Exec format error

I`m relativly inexperienced in bash and these sorts of problems, and so have no idea what to try next or even if the system is fixable.

This appears to be a file system error. The repair function on the install disk may be able to shed more light. But I suspect that since the partition is not being recognized there is possible hardware problems. You might try a scan app from the drive maker to see if it can be recovered.

Please try Parted Magic.

Using Parted Magic an Introduction - openSUSE Forums

If you get your partition/s mounted, get your important data off it.

Report back

Ive been assuming that its a file problem. Strangly enough I havent been able to find the repair function on the disk (11.0 KDE). It doesnt appear in the initial boot screen, and I didnt see an option when I opened the install program while running the os from the cd.

I think it is first install then the repair option.

It is like pressing the start button to shutdown in Windoz :stuck_out_tongue:

But gparted may be the better way to go. There are a lot more options and diagnoses stuff. And this is much more serious then a lost file.

Soundfs like the Live CD. If it is: there’s no repair function on the Live CD (jonly on the DVD).