Boot deamon's priority [utorrent and fstab]

Here’s my issue.
I succeed in uTorrent server’s install as a daemon in Opensuse 11.4 and it works great.
I’ve already change my fstab file to add a network drive to be mount on startup localize in /mnt/freebox/.
This is also working great.

The issue is during the startup, utorrent starts before fstab and thus the network drive is unmount.
In my utorrent init.d daemon script, I ask for $Network starts in first time :


Required-Start: $network
Is there any possibilities to order the startup and ask to fstab to start before uTorrent Daemon ?
Thank you.

More likely to have success configuring your torrent server to start after all your drives are mounted

And this is the solution :

Required-Start:    $all


Every answer’s obvious once you know it :wink:

Well done finding the answer

You’re so true…