Boot Crisis -- Please help

I am in crisis situation, please help.

I am using OpenSUSE 10.3. I was using YaST to do system backup (my first try). It suddenly stopped, complaining that no room to write intermediate temporary files. I had to reboot or restart. However, I am now unable to start the computer in the regular way. I get the following error message:

Call to lnusertmp failed (temporary directories are full ?) Check your installation.

Then, I rebooted in fail safe mode and checked that the /tmp directory is not full and had nothing abnormal. Fortunately, the system allowed me to reboot as root. This was much better since I could use X-windows and Konquorer. However, it kept making the following complain.

You are running low on disk space on your home partition.

I then went to YaST partition table. The /dev/sda (10 GB)had the Linux native and /dev/sda1 (101.7 GB) had the (user) home directory. It showed that the /dev/sda1 is full and only 35 MB are free. The dilemma is that when I went over each of the subdirectories /root /boot /tmp /var etc I could get the size of each one of them and they total slightly less than 8 GB (a far cry from total full) as the YaST partitioner was showing.

My big problem is that despite the directories being not full (when examined individually) the partitioner feels it is full and the system start is also failing.

Please help with your suggestions. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I guess you could start by removing everything /tmp and see if you can boot and login as usual…

in terminal

df -h

ls -lh