boot 11.1 DVD in VMWare Player: Strange mouse behaviour

Hi all,

I booted up a virtual machine in VMWare Player with the 11.1 installation DVD. My mouse is recognized but I was unable to click any buttons or drop-down menus in the welcome screen. I noticed the same behaviour in RC1. Somehow button hover shadows appear though but the mouse pointer is like centimeters away from the components client area. Mouse clicks do not go unnoticed either, however the GUI is completely uncontrollable.

Strange thing: Seamless mouse-over into the host is working like if there were VMWare tools installed and working in the background.

Host: Windows XP SP2, VMWare Player 2.5.0 build-118166
Mouse: Synaptics touchpad & Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB
DVD was made from openSUSE-11.1-DVD-i586.iso, MD5 ok, linuxrc says installation source is error-free.

Anybody any ideas?


some newbiew

You didn’t state your VM settings, particularly the amount of Physical RAM in your machine and the amount of RAM for your VM.

Aside from no one else I can see reporting similar issues, I’m not seeing the same although I’m building them in Workstation (issues should be similar, the Player vs Workstation vs Server shouldn’t likely make any diff).

Recommend at least 2GB Physical RAM, so far I’m building VMs with 768MB RAM although I suppose I can experiment to try to find a minimum. In the past with SuSE 10.x/11.0 I’ve been able to run minimal load VMs running either KDE 4 or (or 3.5 if 4 unavailable) with 368MB RAM but wouldn’t recommend less than 512MB.

Sorry to bump this thread but I’m noticing the same thing in my attempt to install 11.2 in vmware 6.5.3 hosted by 11.1 (x86_64). The mouse pointer can be moved to a box (example “next”) and when I click, nothing happens. The mouse is mis-aligned. If I move the mouse around in the install window, it eventually changes to the “<->” cursor to change the vertical width of a frame in the window, but it’s not actually over that particular “size change” thingy in the window. It’s impossible to install. (Well, I can use “usessh=1” to get around this, but well, uh, that’s not really acceptable.)

Host, opensuse 11.1, x86_64. vmware 6.5.3 (x86_64). Install media opensuse 11.2(i586).

I’m able to install 11.0 just fine. Something’s up with the the 11.2 bits.

I tried the install on a different 11.1 based system using the same vmware and 11.2 iso. I have no mouse mis-registration in the virtual machine. I’ll compare the rpm list between the two systems and see what differs. Weird.


I’m having the same problem about a misaligned mouse pointer with the installation DVD under vmware workstation 7.0.0 build-203739

I have tried with different virtual machine configurations from the most recent to the most compatible ones using only 1 processor and the 32 bit DVD from opensuse 11.2, i never tried with the 11.1 installation DVD

The host is Windows 7 32bit