How can I make the Kde 4 menu display and open the bookmarks of the web browser of my choice?

It’s strange because right now the bookmarks in the menu open Firefox but show the bookmarks from Konqueror

I never knew you could even do that. I open bookmarks from within the browser.

In any case, the konqueror bookmarks are probably the only ones that KDE knows anything about. And it is likely to open them in your default browser (probably firefox).

You can try making konqueror your default browser, if you want to open there.

Alternatively, start firefox. Then export your bookmarks to a file. Then start konqueror, and import those firefox bookmarks. That should at least allow you to access the bookmarks that interest you.

In the area that Konqueror was de default web browser and file manager of KDE you could have your Bookmarks in your Kmenu (and/or in your panel and/or on your desktop). Now the default file manager is Dolphin and the defaulot web browser is FF and this integration is broken. Which again proves the old saying: not all new thing are improvements :(.

I still have that item in my Kmenu and can use the bookmarks in there. But I realy do not know how to recreate that in Kmenu when it would be lost (or for a new user). It functions in so far that clicking a bookmark that is a web URL will start FF to open the URL (fine). Clicking on an item that is a directory will start Konqueror opening it (fine, allthough Dolphin is normaly the file manager).

But adding a new bookmark is not so easy. When you are in FF and you bookmark, it goes in FF’s bookmarks. Thus you first have to copy the URL from the address bar, then start Konqueror, past the URL there and then use Konqueror to add the bookmark to the KDE bookmarks.

Exporting the KDE bookmarks ro FF is possible, but either you then have to stop using the KDE bookmarks or resync those two bookmark lists forward and backward at every change :frowning:

Going for Konqueror as the default browser is not something I will recommend. I had to much problems using Konqui where FF worked flawless.

BTW there is more integration lost with the introduction of FF as default browser. FF has his own password mechanism. Again, we have Kwallet and FF and the one can not do what the other offers. FF can not provide you with your Kmail passwords and Kwallet can not fill in username/passwords on pages in FF :(.

I am still meddling around with this and it is definitely not a “jolly good show” to demonstrate Linux/openSUSE/KDE to interested people.

Personally, I see that as a gain rather than a loss.

It means, for example, that when upgrading to 12.2 after its final release, I can remove $HOME/.kde4 and start with a fresh configuration. And I won’t lose any saved passwords.

firefox has, over the years, been remarkably good about recognizing configuration from earlier versions and incorporating them.

There’s actually a KDE wallet integration extension for firefox, though I have not tried it.

When you remove your KWallet you loose the passwords that are not directly web page related (like POP3 server ones for KMail). That is not what I like.
Apart from the fact that you first have to move your passwords from KWallet to FF. Not something that was widely advertised when they decided to move from Konqueror to FF. From one day to the other you started a web-site from your KDE Bookmarks (and it started FF, you were not embarressed because that was told to you as being the new web browser in KDE), but your credentials where not filled in! Surprise!

I saw that KWallet integration thing earlier in a thread here, but I did not try it either. Sounds promising. Maybe I will when I move to a next openSUSE level.

So in essence it would be very difficult to have the bookmarks I have in Chrome or Firefox show in the Kde menu and be updated every time I added one in the browser.

That’s a shame.

Kde 3 Konqueror used to easily be my favorite web browser but as time went on and now with Kde 4 it has become clear that it is not really practical due to broken functionality.

I hope someday they get that all cleared up.

(and something into the menus bookmarks that works properly)

It really would make things much nicer and easier too and make the system feel more complete.

As you allready might have understand, I am completely with you.

And I am one who understands at least a bit what has gone wrong here, but my wife, who is a real end-user is realy infuriated when she meets such stupidity.