Bookmark searched from the start button search / maybe a plasmashellrc problem

I’ve disabled all of the indexing options intending to bring them back up in a more limited fashion than the defaults but my bookmarks are still searched from the start button search.

This seems to be the culprit in plasmashellrc

LaunchCounts=1 baloosearch_/home/john/Documents/Documents/Software/Eclipse/WorkSpace/org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.doc/reference/api/org/eclipse/wst/jsdt/core/search,2 bookmarks_,1 services_kcm_plasmasearch.desktop

If I remove the bookmarks aspect it’s written back in as soon as I use the start button search so the bookmarks still pop up.

I’d hope there is some way of preventing this from happening. How ? :wink: I’m a bit curious why as well.

One odd aspect i noticed while changing the indexing settings is that if I disable all of the plasma search setting in either krunner all kde system setting it simply sets them all back on again. Currently I have all but aspell disabled and it does retain the settings then. It seems to insist that at least one is enabled.


;)Wolfie answered this question elsewhere on 4 some time ago, some one added a solution for 5 as follow.

Copy */usr/share/kservices5/plasma-runner-bookmarks.desktop*
→ *~/.local/share/kservices5/plasma-runner-bookmarks.desktop*

The user local kservices5 directory needed to be created on my leap. This can be done as a user. No need for root. *****

Then change this line


Then log out and log back in.

***** I had wondered why some one mentioned that **ALL **distro’s are working on a fully static install. I’d guess it relates to this sort of thing where a users local settings can over ride system wide ones. Maybe not. I don’t know.

Anyway. The fact that this mechanism works and isn’t immediately apparent may be a method of a user controlling what their machine does in other areas. There are a number of options that can be added to the plasmashellrc line that has bookmarks in it and a google for the file will show what is typically added. No docs I fan find though. Some may bring back functionality that 4 had and 5 lacks.