Bonsole + PackageKit integration

I am working on integrating PackageKit with daemon-ui and Bonsole to allow users to resolve dependency by hand. I known in OpenSUSE we have Yast, but I suppose ,many people prefer to use plasma-discover, gnome-software, pkcon, etc. Currently It only worked with pkcon and it’s only proof of concept. Many things didn’t works. Here a demonstration movie: . I think I could release sources of early version tomorrow.

I read and reread documentation of libzypp. I need to get list of selected changes (install/remove of packages) made by user Zypp class have field pool of ResPool type, but probably it’s about solution. I also need a list of packages to install/remove, which was selected by libzypp.

  1. There are a few Development Forums where questions can be asked how to build things.
    You don’t need to ask how to build things in a Forum where any kind of question on any topic can be asked

  1. I’m unclear what you are asking…
    But I suspect that what you’re asking about is in the RPM package scructure, possibly in particular the manifest.
    Libzypp is the library of functionality that makes YaST and zypper work, but the parts (particularly the data) that’s specific to installing specific files are going to be in the RPM package… not the functionality (libzypp).

If you’re looking to integrae some new layer of package management with zypper, I’d recommend you first create a schematic of your proposed functionality and how you believe that should work with an existing package manager like libzypp. By sketching the functionality and what that functionality is supposed to work with, you’ll better identify the functionality, its interactions and relationship with each part of your solution.


That’s not related to rpm nor extension of libzypp. I’m developing Packagekit’s way to asks user how to solve dependencies :wink: . Thank for help.

But that is a function in libzypp (the dependency resolver) for packagekit?

Recommend creating a an example flow diagram describing the problem and your proposed soltuion to solve the problem.
Then when you have clearly described the specific steps and functionality in your example, you can then assign each of those steps to a specific application or functionality plus the related data.

So, for instance I’m mystified why you’re even mentioning Packagekit at all unless as something to be replaced.
Clear identification of functionalies you intend to use and how should then also clarify how your proposed solution is postitioned in relation to other parts of your solution.


I decided to made Bonsole/daemonui as optional dependency, which solves some problems.

Most important problem, which was solved is omitting plasma-discover restriction and decision to not work in interactive mode.

Now, when daemonUI and Bonsole is ran, we allow interactively dependency handling. In other case, we fallback to showing error message.

This movie demonstrate, how to install, configure and use my version of PackageKit under OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.