bois sees hard drive but Suse Desktop 10 sp1 install does'nt

Hi All,

I am building a few new machines, so that next time a machine dies on me I’m not scrambling to replace it. They are ASUS P5Q SE2 mother boards one has a Intel Dual Core 2, the other has a Intel Pentium D. The bios seems to pick up the hard drives, but the suse Desktop 10 sp1 doen’t?

I am downloading the sp2 disk as well as open suse, but have had problems getting this in the past. But its going to take a day or so.

This is exactly what happens in the gui installer.

Select Language
Accept License
probing hard disk controllers
loading linux modules for hard disk controllers

ERROR No hard disks were found for the installation.
Please check your hardware!

Any idea why this is happening. I am using a Seagage HD in one machine and a maxdor in the other machine. Also trying a mediamax hd now…


This is SLED right?

I’m not sure of your problem. But could be related to a BIOS setting AHCI

Perhaps look for it in your BIOS. I might be wrong - But I had to change mine to Compatibility Mode to get XP to work (I know XP - not the same:P) Just an idea.