Boinc settings

Just installed openSuse and I already like it!
But as you all must know that nothing is perfect so…
Btw I am sry if this question was already brought up,i searched but i didnt find it…
I am using gnome desktop and installed Boinc 6.6.36 through yast downloaded the link from the build section…
And my problem is this…whenever I exit Boinc…the settings that i’ve changed change back to the defaults(what i change doesnt save)…What do I do? Please help its urgent!
Thank you.

Can’t help with your problem but you appear to have solved my problem. I have used several versions of boinc and the gui no longer connects to localhost.

I have used WCG for years and boinc ran well until I upgraded to opensuse 11.1 Did you encounter the problem I have?