Boinc problem

I recently donwloaded boinc and every time I launch I get this error “cannot connect to core client.” I went through the guides and opened port 31416 in external zone, am I doing this right? The guide said to put it in the DMZ, what’s the difference?

Have you used boinc before? Which version are you using? Where did you get it? Did you install into root or user?
I am running the latest linux version and have no trouble. There must be one setting off somewhere because I believe the core client is your computer. I have seen very old posts that said 31416 was the wrong port. But that may no longer be true.

I got it, the problem was downloading the client from the repo’s, no update? After checking the boinc website it was smooth sailing…

Great! Hope you help cure something. I’ve been running this for years.