BOINC Manager font problem

I posted this issue on the BOINC forums but got no responses. I hope someone here can help. I am running the latest versions of Tumbleweed and BOINC Manager. Some weeks ago, after zypper dup, the BOINC Manager changed fonts. They are so small, I cannot read them. A screen magnifier is little help since they are so small, magnifying just blurs them. I have updated, deleted, re-installed from both the website and yast. Nothing helps. I find no way to adjust the fonts in any menu item. It keeps crunching numbers; I just can’t see the status,

Any help would be appreciated.

Not much help but, for information, I use boinc continuously on Leap 15.5. Found no changes after upgrade to 15.5 a couple of weeks ago and after all subsequent updates. Problem must be peculiar to Tumbleweed and not boinc.

First off … you mention you uninstalled and installed again. Did you first check for any hidden configuration files, under the account that it’s running under ?

Many software packages will leave remnants of user config files behind (in hidden files / subdirs), even after an uninstall. Might check there.

I assume you’re running the native Boinc?

If yes, why not give the Flatpak version a try (?) That might provide enough of a “disconnect” (dependency) on the native TW.

Flatpak worked! It must have been the issue of hidden files. I had a awful time deleting the old stuff. I removed via yast but other files were left over - dozens of them! Most of them duplicates. I seem to remember there is a command to remove orphaned files and another to remove files associated with a deleted program.

Anyway, it now has the proper (readable) appearance. Thanks for the help!

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