BOINC funktioniert nicht


Wenn ich aus dem Repo Boinc installiere, startet die Oberfläche, aber es kann keine Verbindung mit dem Client hergestellt werden.

Es erscheint: Verbinden mit Localhost - kurze Zeit später: Verbindung getrennt.

Ein Ändern des Benutzers in der datei /etc/sysconfig/boinc-client bringt nichts.

Besten dank für Infos

Hello Hanns,

you’re right, this issue is a known issue. We’re working for an new Version. I hope to release it soon.

Das BOINC aus den Repos funktioniert bei mir schon seit 10.3 nicht mehr. Hols dir einfach von Ist zwar nicht die elgeganteste Lösung, aber es funktioniert. Viel Erfolg!

Ok. My German is so poor, I have only the slightest idea of what is going on here. But, BOINC stopped working for me in 11.0 and it has a simple fix to make it work in 11.2

Microchip8 gave these instructions

  1. make executable
  2. execute it in a terminal, eg ./
  3. it’ll unpack it and create a director
  4. go in the unpacked directory, open file run_manager and at very top put this in it: #!/bin/bash
  5. save it, make it executable, click on it and… OMG it’s alive

And they work! You probably have done everything already except #4. This will connect BOINC to localhost.

This doesn’t work for me either, and neither does the version from the respository. In both cases I encounter errors about the manager not being able to connect to the client - even if I start the client manually. This ONLY happens in SUSE, no other distro.that I’ve tried. It’s ever so slightly annoying.

Specifically I get the error: “Unable to connect to the core client”, anyone know of a fix?

OK update - it appears to be a known bug with BOINC 6.10.17 and it somehow conflicting with ATI graphics cards.

I got BOINC to work correctly by downloading an older version of BOINC from the BOINC website - 6.6.41 - and installing it.

Follow the steps given above by Prexy and it should work.