I just bought my very first Bluetooth capable phone (the old one finally started sporadically not giving an LCD signal). Where should I go to read up on Bluetooth to have a clue? Does 10.2 support Bluetooth?

I’m kind of a luddite when it comes to media type stuff. This is also my first camera phone and I presume that I use Bluetooth to transfer images to the puter. Is this correct?

I feel like such an idiot asking this. :o

go to YaST - software management. in the search field type bluetooth. you will need all the kde stuff for bluetooth,except the development stuff & the beta stuff. once installed, go to YaST - hardware - bluetooth to set up password etc ( if needed ). to transfer piccies/music/etc to p.c. just make sure the bluetooth applet is started & in your task-bar.
I am the same as you, my old nokia was working perfectly until a few months ago,my daughter gave me her old phone which has bluetooth & camera. took me a while to figure things out.Any questions, just ask