Bluetooth Tethering On KDE 4.7

The KDE 4.7 announcment states:

The Plasma Workspaces now also offer much improved network management, including experimental support for NetworkManager 0.9 as well as Bluetooth tethering, 3G, VPN, MAC spoofing and other advanced networking options.

However, I don’t see any options for Bluetooth tethering in the bluedevil or network manager applets. So, could someone explain how to do bluetooth tethering in KDE 4.7.

I am running OpenSUSE 11.4, KDE 4.7, plasmoid-networkmanagment 0.9.svn1192577-7.2 and bluedevil 1.0.2-3.8.1.




Perhaps this link will help:
Lamarque’s blog: Plasma NM: Bluetooth tethering

From reading that link, I think you’ll need BlueDevil 1.2.