Bluetooth --- possible fix for some

I have been fighting with a Bluetooth problem for a couple of months now. Just found something over on ArchWiki that helped. I think a lot of you, like me have a Dual Boot system. Well, ***IF ***you have the Bluetooth device setup in one system it may not work in the other. Which is just what I have learned. I can NOT have Bluetooth setup and paired in both of my systems. IF I am in Windows I can set it up to use the Bluetooth… -but IF I dual boot over to Linux I can not get it setup and working. I must first remove the device and then re-pair it. Now after this IF I switch back to Windows I must remove the device again and re-pair it.

Kinda a bit of PITA but it is a way… to get things working.


May be a difference on how the OS’s setup the hardware. If you cold boot does it work that should reset the hardware. A warm boot may not reset hardware

Hmmmmm… interesting thought. I will give it a try later today.

Well, Power Off was NOT the answer. I powered off and signed back on to Windows 10 and the Bluetooth did NOT work until I removed it and then re-paired it.

However, Windows 10 did a gazillion updates and now I can NOT sign back into my Linux!! Sometimes I must F10 at startup and go into the BIOS to move SuSE higher up on the ladder. That was required this time -BUT- even though I got my Grub2 screen and selected openSuSE it would not boot. Said some stuff was missing. No I have not looked at the journal… yet… but it is just frustrating, extremely so, since I started dual booting with Windows 10.

As soon as I can get my system back I will leave word as to what was necessary to get it back.

OK. Got the Linux System back. As it turned out I have two entries in the boot ladder. One called opensuse-secureboot and one called grub2-secureboot. Previously I had always been using opensuse-secureboot. As it turns out that was for Leap 42.1. Leap 42.2 is using grub2-secureboot.

However, the Bluetooth requires removal and then a re-pair on BOTH Windows 10 and SuSE Leap. I can not switch from one system to the other via re-boot -or- power-off start ups and have my Bluetooth stay usable. Don’t know if this “problem” exists for other versions of Windows and openSuSE or not. Just got the Bluetooth with this latest system… and the headset for Christmas.

Thanks, and I hope this helps someone else.

FWIW, I’ve been doing the same thing for a while now with the same 42.2/Win10 dual boot, but today I could not even get Bluetooth to work at all on the 42.2 side so I did

**#** /usr/sbin/rfkill block bluetooth     
**#** /usr/sbin/rfkill unblock bluetooth

Not only did bluetooth restart instantly, but the device was immediately paired and already working. IMHO it’s a little bit quicker than removing the device and re-detecting and re-pairing.

I’d love to know a real fix,but for now…


Well, that sounds like a good idea and I’m sure it will work on some computers but it did not work on mine. I lost my Bluetooth connection and in trying to get it back I totally destroyed my Linux system and had to re-load it. Windows 10, however, remained. Much to my chagrin it somehow go Bluetooth again and I was in fight mode again. Trying to figure out why my Bluetooth wouldn’t get recognized. It said there was No adapter. Finally had to go back into Windows 10 control panel and in the Device Manager and disable the Bluetooth. Come back to Linux and the Bluetooth symbol was showing in the task bar!! Course right now I am still NOT hearing anything in my headset -but- it says it is connected. Think I have to play around with the Pulse Audio settings… or something like that. The main point here is… I had to totally disable the Bluetooth in Windows 10 before it would even be recognized again in Linux. This is a Broadcom BCM43142 controller.

Maybe Windows leaving things in an odd state does a cold boot work?

Well, not really, and I don’t know anymore. ***IF ***I boot over into Windows 10 I will 9 times out of 10 get a ton of UpDates. I spend most of my time in the Linux system. I do believe at those times, when I am in Windows … even though I do NOT use it … Windows it starting my Bluetooth in itself. I remember turning it off and then when it doesn’t work in openSuSE I get upset and frustrated -AND- forget and try to fix it and then really screw things up some more. I have an HP 700-530qe with a Broadcom BCM43142 and a Realtek RTL8151. Finding the right combos of software to make them work in Linux is a bear. If you search and read other sites you will see what I mean. It seems everyone has trouble with Broadcom cause they don’t want to give out the source code. Mainly cause people screw it up. And there are to many varieties of Linux.

And today I just got notified of some UpDates for openSuSE and in them are some UpDates for Broadcom. Don’t really want to accept them -but- I will. Then I will return with more horror stories -OR- success.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok it is only a short time -but- it was a success. 81 UpDates and the last two were Broadcom. Since there were Kernel UpDates I was asked to re-boot. I did and was able to get re-connected to my Bluetooth Headset.

Good work guys and gals. :nerd: