Bluetooth Nokia not found

I’m trying to scan my Nokia phone, but I can’t find it.

After reading Bluetooth - openSUSE I’ve the following output after bluetoothhd -nd (zie annex 1).

But when I do hcitool scan I got: “Scanning … Inquiry failed: Connection timed out”.

My phone (Nokia E71) is detectable because it is seen by my car kit. From my Nokia phone I can also detect my linux PC, but I cannot detect.

Any help is very much appreciated.



Annex 1. “bluetoothhd -nd” output

bluetoothd[5217]: Bluetooth daemon
bluetoothd[5217]: Enabling debug information
bluetoothd[5217]: parsing main.conf
bluetoothd[5217]: discovto=0
bluetoothd[5217]: pairto=0
bluetoothd[5217]: pageto=8192
bluetoothd[5217]: name=%h-%d
bluetoothd[5217]: class=0x000100
bluetoothd[5217]: inqmode=0
bluetoothd[5217]: Starting SDP server
bluetoothd[5217]: Loading plugins /usr/lib/bluetooth/plugins
bluetoothd[5217]: register_interface: path /org/bluez/5217/any
bluetoothd[5217]: Registered interface org.bluez.Service on path /org/bluez/5217/any
bluetoothd[5217]: Parsing /etc/bluetooth/network.conf failed: No such file or directory
bluetoothd[5217]: Config options: InterfacePrefix=bnep%d, PANU_Script=(null), GN_Script=(null), NAP_Script=(null), GN_Interface=pan0, NAP_Interface=pan1, Security=true
bluetoothd[5217]: bridge pan0 created
bluetoothd[5217]: Parsing /etc/bluetooth/input.conf failed: No such file or directory
bluetoothd[5217]: Parsing /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf failed: No such file or directory
bluetoothd[5217]: Unix socket created: 13
bluetoothd[5217]: Telephony plugin initialized
bluetoothd[5217]: HFP AG features: “Ability to reject a call” “Enhanced call status” “Extended Error Result Codes”
bluetoothd[5217]: Starting experimental netlink support
bluetoothd[5217]: Failed to find Bluetooth netlink family
bluetoothd[5217]: HCI dev 0 registered
bluetoothd[5217]: child 5220 forked
bluetoothd[5217]: HCI dev 0 already up
bluetoothd[5217]: Starting security manager 0
bluetoothd[5217]: Can’t read version info for /org/bluez/5217/hci0: Unknown error 4294967186 (-110)
bluetoothd[5217]: Agent registered for hci0 at :1.30:/org/bluez/agent/hci0
bluetoothd[5220]: Can’t set link policy on hci0: Connection timed out (110)
bluetoothd[5217]: child 5220 exited

What is the output of the following.

rcbluetooth status

Switch on the bluetooth on the mobile and type the following.

hcitool scan

rcbluetooth status

Checking service bluetooth (enabled) :
bluetoothd (activated)
hid2hci (activated)
rfcomm (activated)
pandcheckproc: cannot stat /usr/bin/pand: No such file or directory
dundcheckproc: cannot stat /usr/bin/dund: No such file or directory

hci0: Type: USB
BD Address: 00:13:10:5D:55:49 ACL MTU: 377:10 SCO MTU: 64:8
RX bytes:673 acl:0 sco:0 events:20 errors:0
TX bytes:647 acl:0 sco:0 commands:35 errors:0

hcitool scan
Scanning …
Inquiry failed: Connection timed out

I’m sure that my phone is detectable, because when I open a windows-guest in vmware, it finds my phone without changing anything to my setup.

Tx for your help

That’s strange. Your configuration looks absolutely OK.

I once had a Nokia E70 and a bluetooth headset was not detecting it, even though my computer was. It started working after a Nokia shop did something by keying in some key sequence into the phone.

But when I log into a vmware WinXP session it is working. So it can’t be the phone.

From the phone, I can also detect my PC but I can’t connect that way.

Yes, you are right.
I ran out of suggestions.
Can you try with another bluetooth device to see if it is detected by the computer?
Can you try with another phone, if available?
Can you try after “rebooting” the phone?

Thanks for your answer so far.

I was considering de-installing bluez and try to compile it from scratch.

But first, I’ll try with another phone.

Just give me a couple of days, and I’ll post my response (it is a long weekend over here :slight_smile: