Bluetooth mouse in 11.1 KDE4

I’ve been trying to connect my bluetooth mouse in Opensuse 11.1 but without success. I have a Logitech bluetooth laser mouse but can’t get the bluetooth system up and working.

I’m using KDE so the bluetooth app is kdebluetooth 4. The only way to start it seems to be the kbluetooth4 command in the console, but that doesn’t add the bluetooth icon to the tray (I read about this issue but found no solution). However if I use ‘hcitool scan’ my mouse is detected. What’s the easiest way to get it working?

bump Still having this problem. Anyone know any solution please?

Never mind. kdebluetooth4 seems to be suddenly appearing on the tray as it should (probably the Updater Applet fixed it).

I got problems with Bluetooth too, but i’m using openSuse 11.2 (beta) with KDE4.3.
I’m using a Dell Latitude D830 notebook with integrated Bluetooth and just got me a Dell Bluetooth Travel Mouse.
Unfortunately, the mouse won’t connect automatically. I can add it in the KBluetooth4 device manager and it will work, but if have repeat the procedure after every reboot or when i turned off the mouse. The “connect” option in the Tasks menu is disabled and so i also have to remove the mouse every time and add it back again :frowning: