Bluetooth Module

Where’s the Bluetooth Module of Yast in SUSE 11.0 ?
its missing ?
so how can i install the bluetooth module ?

there is no bluetooth module in just install the necessary packages & plug in your device. once plugged in the necessary icons etc appear & you configure it from the bluetooth icon or control panel - internet & network - bluetooth


Lots of help here. Bluetooth does not work at all in Suse 11.0. The ‘control panel’ (sounds like Windows doesn’t it?) is actually the KDE Personal Settings module. It does not work for bluetooth however - it’s woefully broken. Seems like bluetooth is a waste of time on Suse.

Strange,works here.Do you have all the correct bluetooth modules ? Have you checked bluetooth is loading ? check in YaST - /etc/sysconfig ( runlevel editor ) to ensure bluetooth is running


Bluetooth works perfect for me using Suse 11.0/KDE 3.5.9
After installation you can start it via menu System - Desktop Applet - kbluetooth server. There will be a bluetooth icon in the task bar.
File transfer, screen locking etc. is all working great!