bluetooth keyboard/mouse

Good day, i do have a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo(rocket fish) (tried on suse11.3 and 11.2 with same result) it is working while the computer is booting (till the log in screen) after stop working, during the installation i was able to use them as well.

I can see both of them in kdebluetooth and can see mac address but not joy on moving cursor or typing any idea??? how i can get them to work thank you.

I did find how to after some good work

  1. get the mac address
  2. as root made entries to etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

like this

# device keyboard_addr ‘‘your mac adress’’

name keyboard

auth enable

encrypt enable;

# device mouse_addr ‘‘your mac adress’’

name mouse

auth enable

encrypt enable;

after did reboot computer and work like a charm cheer.