Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse not starting on Suse 12.2

I have a Dell keyboard and mouse with a USB blutooth dongle. (I believe this to be made by Logitech as the LX 300.)
When I start up, the keyboard allows me to select an operating system at the Grub2 screen, but then won’t work to allow me to login. The mouse used to work at the login screen (not much help) but now doesn’t.
If I login with a different keyboard (corded) and mouse (wireless - usb dongle) all is ok.
When the desktop is up and running (KDE) I see a bluetooth icon in the tray, but showing that it is not discoverable. (The configuration suggests that it is always in discoverable mode.)
If I open the bluetooth configuration screen, both the mouse and keyboard show up (but neither work!), so I remove them and add them back again. Then both work, and I have no more problems until I restart the computer, when I have to do it all again.

Any thoughts on what I should be looking at for clues?