Bluetooth Headset stops connecting

Hi there

I get a really strange behaviour from a bluetooth headset, which works like a
charm with my old Nokia phone and new Nexus 7 tablet.

I’m using OpenSuse 12.3 with an USB Bluetooth dongle.

I got the device pairing and working after
I created the file


with the contents

This, I believe, is a bug with OpenSuse 12.3.

Now for my problem:
I can pair the device and it works.
I can restart the computer and it works.
I can turn of the device and turn it on again and it works.

However, turning off the computer and turing it on after some hours
means, I cannot connect the headset anymore.

gives error 112 Host down.

Which can be resolved by deleting the headset and pairing it again.
But this is kind of a lame solution.

Any help here would be appreciated.

All the best.


still not working

It is not possible to keep a headset connected consistently.
The whole Bluetooth stack is a mess and it is a pity
that this has not been improved.

I even looked at the codebase and what one can see there is a real
shame. Thousands of lines of code without any sensible documentation,
cryptic variable names etc. …

Although this one is for Ubuntu openSuse seems to have jumped
the bandwagon here.
How Ubuntu’s broken bluetooth support came to be | Benny’s Blog