Bluetooth headphones not working with Leap 42.2

Howdy, I have Leap 42.2 running and trying to get a Bluetooth headset to use. The headset has gotten paired and is chared and ready to go (also meaning it’s been turned on). The KDE Bluetooth widget says it’s connected. In YAST all the volumes are turned up to 100% however if I was to play a test sound there is not sound in the headset. And the headset’s volume is at it’s maximum. In the KDE sound widget the Uproar wireless volume is also at 100% even in the capture wireless section. If I were to play something on youtube there is no audio in the headset. If I were to turn on the wired speaker there is sound.

This is the first time I’ve delt with a Bluetooth headset in Linux. The Bluetooth headset does work on Windows 10, the iPhone, and the android tablet so I know the headset works.

Install pavucontrol and try to configure it with that.

Further to Sauerland’s recommendation, with pulse audio, GNU/Linux has the functionality to send audio on a per application basis to different sound devices. Dependent on one’s hardware, one can select analogue speakers, digital speakers, HDMI device, line-out-headphones, and bluetooth headphones/speakers.

The application ‘pavucontrol’ provides one a GUI control that one can use to direct the sound to the appropriate devices on a per application basis. So while one is playing sound on the application, then go to pavucontrol and configure pulse audio to take sound from the application that is playing, and send it to the bluetooth device.

Thank you all! That did it. With installing pavucontrol and playing with it I got it working.:slight_smile: