Bluetooth Headphone Controls

I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that have a few buttons (Pause, Next Track, etc) that use the AVRCP Bluetooth profile. Up until a month or so ago, everything worked perfectly. but now every time I turn the headphones on, the audio works but xorg thinks that a new keyboard has been attached and resets any keys that I had previously set using xmodmap on my main keyboard.

I can put a config file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d which tells xorg to ignore the headphone controls and then it doesn’t reset my key changes but I don’t get the button functionality either. Unfortunately I don’t use the headphone controls all that often so I didn’t notice exactly when they stopped working and I’m not sure what code update caused the change.

So is there a way to get the headphones to be reported as something other than a new keyboard (I assume that is what it used to do) or alternatively is there a way to tell xorg to not reset the key mapping if it gets a new keyboard (or at least one specific keyboard) attached?


Edit: For some reason it didn’t get put in the header, but this is on Tumbleweed.