Bluetooth file transfer error: the name org.openbox.client was not provided by any .service files

Hi, I was trying to copy a few files to my phone via bluetooth when the file transfer window popped up with the progress bar stating “Connecting” and an error: the name org.openbox.client was not provided by any .service files..

I am using:

  • openSUSE 11.3

  • Gnome 2.32, Kernel 2.6.38,

  • obex-data-server 0.4.5-12.2,

  • obexftp 0.23-2.3

  • obexd 0.39-8.3

  • obexfs 0.11-36.2

  • libopenobex1 0.5-2.3

  • gnome-vfs-obexftp 0.4-1.2

  • bluez 4.64-2.10

  • python-pybluez 0.18-1.10

  • My phone is a Nokia 6151.

By the way my system is HAL free. I am using K3B and KDE 4.6 libs which don’t require HAL.

Please Help. Thanks.

I just found out something interesting. While the “send to” option from the bluetooth menu presents an error, the browse device option works flawlessly allowing me to interact with my phone and its contents as if it were a flash disk.

I can also confirm that using my phone as a bluetooth modem works OK. I guess I can live with it as it is but for those who would like to look further into the source of the error and possibly its solution, I hope I have provided enough information especially for developers.

I have been using KDE since Fedora 9. I only switched to Gnome this year. Please bear with me if sometimes my question may seem too simple. Its a new DE and I’m still trying to get used to it.

Thanks Again.

Do you have the blueman package installed? (Since you mention you’re using the Gnome DE).

For KDE users, this thread may help:

Thanks Deano_ferrari for the quick reply. I do not have the Blueman package installed because my past experience with Gnome-bluetooth showed it to be just as good if not better than Blueman plus the gnome integration. I used to use Blueman in KDE but stopped when bluedevil became available in KDE 4.5.5. I moved to Gnome specifically because of networking(WiFi failed completely in KDE) and bluetooth connectivity. KDE gave me headaches in these fields. Bluedevil was working fine, congrats to the developers and KDE team.

I just tested my dad’s Nokia bluetooth headset with my laptop and it works nicely even with Skype.

Thanks Again.