Bluetooth doesn't work on MATE openSUSE 13.1

I’ve upgrade openSUSE 13.1 from 12.3, and istalled MATE desktop. After it Bluetooth doesn’t work.

There are known problems with Bluetooth. Gnome uses 4.x and KDE is moving to 5.x and they are not compatible and it is cause all sorts of grief. Don’t know what MATE uses???

Not quite, GNOME uses/needs bluez5, and that is what causes all sorts of grief because KDE’s bluez5 support is not ready yet (although there is a rc1 in the KDE:Extra repo now). And bluez4 cannot be shipped together with bluez5.
I don’t know about other DE’s either though.

oops got it backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

And are there any ideas?

Wait until things get straightened out. Maybe try the Gnome version?? Do you know what version you have installed? Try the other one.

No idea about mate-bluetooth, no.
Maybe it only works with bluez4, you could try to install it from here: Install package KDE:KDE3 / bluez

But then bluetooth won’t work in GNOME of course, for KDE there’s an old bluedevil package available that still uses bluez4.

Ok, thanks a lot. I’ll try it.