Bluetooth audio not working on 20211122 [KDE]

I was eager to install 20211122, as it brought kernel 5.15.3, which finally fixed a long-standing bug with the Trackpoints on certain AMD ThinkPad models. Unfortunately, my Bluetooth audio is no longer working. I can successfully connect my Sony WH-1000XM2, but they are no longer available as an input or output device. Maybe there’s a simple fix?

It’s worth mentioning that I’m running pulseaudio as a unix socket to allow multi-user audio, but I’ve been doing this for months with no Bluetooth issues.

Ah, my bad. Wayland is the culprit. I rebooted into Wayland to test something and forgot. I’d still like Bluetooth audio to work in Wayland obviously, but so many other things are broken that there’s not much of a point.

Glad to read bluetooth is working for you now … I’ve been pondering updating to the 5.15.3 kernel (albeit on LEAP-15.3 and not on Tumbleweed), so I read your post with interest.

I use Bluetooth extensive on my new Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen9 (X1C9) for a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth headset (simultaneous) and for me loss of bluetooth would be a major annoyance.

As noted, glad to read its now working.