bluetooth and version 13.1

I am using OpenSuse 13.1 and KDE

I have a PC with a Bluetooth adapter stuck in a USB port ,
Always worked . With it I could send photos from my phone to the PC

But now, after I installed OpenSuse 13.1 'm not getting longer send pictures to the PC

In the settings of the PC 'm bletooth visible and open to anyone .

My mobile PC appears on the list of " devices " and appears as " paired " device that you signed up on PC but not know what it is or what it does

In the cell , a message " Service not supported by other device " If I try to connect as dispositivoi " paired " appears

When I open the " System Settings " - "Network and Connectivity " and " Bluetooth " is popping up a little window color pumpkin with the message " Bluetooth is not enabled completely . "
It also has a little button with the text " Fix it "

When I click this little button above the message disappears , but still can not send files to my PC .
and just switch to another device configuration that the message reappears.

Please any tips ?