bluetooth and usb 3G mobile not working after 12.2 -> 12.3 upgrade


I had a fully functional laptop with 12.2 where I could connect to network either with my usb 3G modem (Nokia) or via mobile phone using bluetooth. After upgrade (using factory repository, not DVD) bluetooth is no longer working (no bluetooth devices found) and it seems that usb_modeswitch doesn’t work for the usb 3G modem, either, as the system does recognize the cd-rom but does not see the modem at all anymore.


Oh, and also worth mentioning…

  • bluetooth is enabled in /etc/sysconfig/bluetooth
  • X didn’t work at all after upgrade, either. For some reason upgrade had switched from kdm to gdm, which crashed every time X tried to start. Switched back to kdm and X login appeared. Good to know gdm is now also broken.
  • Suspend doesn’t work anymore, either. Not available at all, only shutdown.

All in all, I would say not a very good upgrade.

You do realize that 12.3 is in beta stage? And the whole purpose of installing it is to find out problems and report them so they can be fixed before it is released?

Umm, yes… That’s why I reported my current problems after a “not very good upgrade” process here.

Don’t forget to report the bugs you’ve found:

There’s a bug report on the bluetooth problem, at Bug 796671.

It turns out that the bluetooth service is not being automatically started. The comments on the bug report tell you how to start it.

Good to know gdm is now also broken.

That is bad news because i use GNOME and i want to upgrade as soon as 12.3 comes out.
I don’t see a countdown banner for 12.3 in

Bluetooth .* usb 3g *the same problems.