I have been a web designer for some time and found the program bluefish- it’s great, I’ve always used windows programs to make sites, but now I just use bluefish on Linux-for its simplicity- I created the site with it. So thats it just letting people know bluefish is a must for web development. I’m so excited! I’m still constructing the website but I’m wondering- Is anyone else out there using Linux as a main source to develop websites for either personal or business?

The side codeblog dot com doesn’t have a bluefish meta tag? Did you remove it?

I’m curious, and I’ve been using Bluefish for about two years now. I’ve coded several sites using it for about 75% of what I do. However, I’ve yet to see a Bluefish meta tag on any page. when I read your question I wondered if that had been because I’d used templates I’d previously created to start off most of those sites, so I just tried creating a page from scratch (crtl-N) to see if Bluefish was doing something I didn’t know about. I didn’t find anything there either, so I went to the Bluefish manual but found no reference to the tag.

Then Google led me to the answer: Apparently the Author Tag is supposed to be set to the name of the current logged in user each time the file is saved (per the manual) however that doesn’t always happen (not sure why, couldn’t find that info). Sometimes Bluefish automatically sets the value to “Bluefish”.

To alter that behavior so that the Tag remains unchanged upon saving go to Edit -> Preferences -> HTML - author meta tag automatically update> " disable. (thanx to this post for the clue)

I’ve never come across the bluefish meta tag either- Interesting. I will disable the meta tag update option in bluefish, just in case. I have yet to install bluefish version 2- I’ve been so busy.