Blue tooth exchange of files

hello I have openSuse 10.3 64 bit and Samsung D 500 mobile phone with blue tooth.
My computer and bluetooth/phone can see each other but view of files and exchange of files is not possible.

please advise how to enable exchange of files between comp and blue tooth.

Best wishes,


I you have a file on your phone you want to transfer to your computer you can just go to that file - options - send with bluetooth and select your computer
if both devices are paired then the computer will accept it and put it on the Desktop
Simple as that


When I enter Konqueror and tupe:
it sees my buletooth, but as I said it does not see files inside.
However, therea re a lot of files inside, but when I click on icon that represents my bluetoothwith is proper name it doe snot enter into its folders, files etc.

Thus, my question is related to how to make it able to see contents inside.

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