Blue-Ray drive

Does anyone have a BR drive in the computer? Which ones are good and supported within Linux?
Oh boy, BR might be a touchy thing since its DRM supported. But i wonder if i can do 2 things with it.
Backup my datas on it and watch movies i have. Sadly, i don’t have BR player i can call my own, but got as a gift a blueray movie which is in german.

Thanks for any input.

For Blue Ray playing, as far as I can tell, you can’t get it to work presently in Linux. Some Disks have been broken, but no solution exists at present like libdvdcss for normal DVD’s. That being said, the master hardware code has been broken, but I have not yet seen any fruits of that myself. So, if you want to play Blue Ray disks, you will need Windows and a program like PowerDVD, which may be included with your new player, depending on the price and bundle you got. As for a brand, I highly recommend you go for an LG model and stay away from Samsung, this is my advice.

Further, after buying and playing several Blue Ray disks, I just buy standard DVD’s these days, play them in openSUSE 11.3 and Kaffeine/KDE3 and Dolby Digital 5.1 ES, using a COAX connection to a Sony 7.1 Receiver and it works like a champ. I love the ability to use Ctrl-V and Ctrl-H to expand any picture to full screen, all from the software player and standard DVD’s. It is a suggestion I would make to you.

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Just want to get back quickly.
I found this regarding blueray and linux (well its actually ubuntu, but i think it should work with any other as well)

Secondly, yes. LG seems to be good. I just checked on newegg and it sells for about $90 (OEM).

I might look into this and will perhaps purchase this thing. Or, perhaps someone actually is using it and my share his/her experience.

So the link does show some possible solutions to playing Bluray, but its a disk by disk thing and a lot of trouble. Consider the disk sizes at 30 GB each just to rip one movie. And you go to all of this trouble to just watch one movie? Considering that the resolution is just not all that much better to DVD’s. You would need to do a side by side comparison to see the difference on a TV and due to the trouble to play one, at least i Linux, it is just not worth the effort in my opinion. I have a Bluray player and I have Linux, but it is just easier to switch to Windows, to play Bluray, or just buy a DVD and stick with Linux.

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I might torture myself in doing this, but i like to see what i can do and where the limits are. But have to wait a while for that.
Yes, the files will be huge and the disk (good that i have a big drive)…
But this will be a project and not done now. Maybe i will get a cheap BR player for my TV. But, oh, then i need to switch the country code since it is german, doh.

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