Blue (Fonts) on Blue (Background)

The page:

Sorry, I can’t see “Blue on Blue.” :\


Did you know that blue on blue can be very attractive, in a bluish sort of way? Well, like the guy that says his hand hurts every time he holds it up in the air, I say then, don’t do that and in lue of looking at a single set of bluish English forums, why not take in the wider view here, with out that crazy blue on blue stuff that some silly person put together and remember, there is always more than one way to skin a blue cat. lol!

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lol! Please, no blue jokes.

Fixed. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for fixing.

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Just an opinion…

Although today the solution (very viewable, thx) of simply changing the color property of the table was likely changed, yesterday I noticed that the solution was to simply apply the same page theme as all the child forums…

IMO using the same theme as the child forums is preferable for the following reasons.

Consistent appearance.
Larger fonts.

Good work and timely response, kudos,

Now, if something might be done about my earlier post about placement or appearance of the Search which I noted in an earlier post
Where do you configure Display Mode?

The prominent Search input box in the upper right corner won’t search Forums, and the Forum search links aren’t that apparant to a new/casual user. Was confusing to me at first, has to be a problem for practically everyone at first until they realize what is happening.


It’s better, so thanks for sorting it out.