Bloody KNetworkManager...


Even though KNetworkManager has always been the black sheep of my process family, I did manage to get along with it, mainly do wlan resets or system restarts to solve the issue.

Now I tried connecting to a Windows adhoc using wpa/wpa2, I can find the network nicely, but once again run into the same issue as always, it just keeps prompting me for the passphrase.

2077.871954] iwlagn 0000:03:00.0: Unable to find TIM Element in beacon
2077.872016] iwlagn 0000:03:00.0: Unable to find TIM Element in beacon
2126.313548] wlan0: Selected IBSS BSSID 02:22:fa:03:9c:60 based on configured SSID

and then it prompts again rotfl!
It would be nice to finally have an explanation why it does this from time to time for wlan connections and why its holding me back entirely from establishing any adhocs.

For standard wlans it usually does this when I connect to a wifi, which I’ve never connected to before, but sometimes it just does it to any wifi.

maybe it’s just ****… and I have to cope with that… :
(what, you can’t even say ****? that’s not a swear word…)

anyone any opinions?