bloody beginner

Hello, my cheap (but new) netbook still runs on windows xp sp3. But I am wildly decided, having open suse to get run. I have the light suspicion, that linux runs in a technical better way. As soon as I can afford the 65 Euro to buy the DVD-package open suse linux 11.1, I would take a try.

There is one question: momentarily I am accessing internet with an usb stick over radio waves. This is an Eplus-contract with flatrate, 18 Euro per month.

I could guess, internet access would make problems. Because an Eplus servicelady told me, they have the sticks only for mac and windows.


greetings, solong, sincerely
volkey = Volkmar Eckardt from Stuttgart, Germany

(A last question by the side: where is the German written forum?)


In theory network manager would run it:)

You can save time and money by downloading any Live CD for openSUSE:)

AFAIK the word “bloody” used as an attribute to a noun in english has a slightly different meaning compared to the german expression “blutiger Anfänger” (which means something like “total beginner”).

One could translate “bloody beginner” with “verdammter/besch***** Anfänger” (d4mn/crappy beginner).

True or false?

It could also mean the OP has taken some punishment, similar to “bloody but not bowed”.

Because an Eplus servicelady told me, they have the sticks only for mac and windows.

Sometimes, you don’t even need a “stick” from her to make it work under Linux!

Hi volkey; welcome to the OpenSuse forums

here is a link to a german opensuse forum:

LINUX • Forum

(edit: yes, this is the title the url chooses …)

from there you may find others;

as others have said, you can download OpenSuse for zero euros; either as a liveCD; (900M); install to a computer, and pull the rest down from there; or download a liveDVD; burn that; (8G?) and install from there;

if you use a USB modem for internet, there is a network/wireless forum that can advise; see if the provider knows which device is used for their internet connection:many work fine on linux;

eg the Huawei E220 seems to be work well with OpenSuse;folks can help with getting it working;Vodafone use the E220 it seems;

if you downloaded a live CD; (free);booted that up; you could check if your USB stick works from that; if it does, it should encourage you;

this forum here on OpenSuse

Network/Internet - openSUSE Forums

advises on USB modems

good luck; let us know how you get along

do You say, I can retain my Eplus stick with the two year contract 18 Euro a month 24 hours flatrate internet - by using some tool, You name “network manager”?

Is this right?

greetings volkey :):\

Well read what others wrote above me, they gave you some valuable advices:)

hi PDC_2, thanks a lot for Your hints. What I need to understand, is, can I still access internet by the two year contract with Eplus. This is a flatrate and I can access internet any time by only paying one rate per month 18 Euro.

In the current I access internet with Huawei 160.

Internetdownloading of open suse had result: after about ten minutes the dialogue window told, the server was reset. (I think the stick connection is too slow to download). Also some downloading instruction told about a second computer I would need, to start linux in a network-connection.

  • Would be best taking the 65 Euro to buy a DVD.

Sincerely, and thanks for Your help
Volkey, Volkmar Eckardt, Stuttgart;):\

To download through that stick would be best to use some torrent clients. And why would your system got anything to do with Your contract with the ISP?

thanks for now, all You guyss. I continue in the German forum.

bye, volkey