Blocking Wireless

Hey, all. I’m looking to find ways to block people from using wireless. I’m a network admin and I want users to bring their routers by so I can register them. If they don’t then I want to deny them access. Is there another way to do this besides blocking by MAC address? (IP’s are given out by DHCP)
Thanks for all the help in advance!

If you don’t use Access Control, you can still use WPA encryption.

I’m not sure I fully understand your circumstances though.

The situation is that every office space is equipped with an Ethernet port. This is mainly used for the computer that we supply them with, however if they want to use a laptop with wireless they can.
We do not provide the wireless routers, they must purchase them from where ever and bring them by so we can register them (and set up security settings) If they don’t bring their wireless router and we find out then we deny them an IP (pinging it and comparing MAC addresses)
The question: is there another way to check to see if they are using a unregistered wireless router asides from pinging it and comparing MACs

MAC comparison and blocking is the only way I know to handle your
case. That is not fool proof due to MAC cloning, but perhaps your
users aren’t that sophisticated.

Wouldn’t your system be more secure if you provided the wireless using
strong WPA2 encryption with a Radius server and totally forbid
external APs?