block specific URLs in suse firewall

Hi there,

I use SuSEFirewall2 to block and allow connections to my server. I set specific ip addresses to connect through ssh and my mail admin application
for the world only port 80 and 25 are open. the rest is blocked.
I also run a script each day to see which URL’s try to connect my box which are logged in the firewall log
There are a few URL’s who take up about 60% of the logs
Is it possible to block them before they go trough the list of allow and deny of the firewall rules

in short
Lets say is one of them.
drop connection before you go through the allow/deny rules of SuSEFirewall.

The firewall is the first thing the connections encounter.

And they are called IP addresses or domain names, not called URLs.

youre right about the urls
And yes the firewall is the first thing that an connection sees but thought there were some user specified rules that came first in SusEFirewall2